VPS Hosting - Unable to open pty: No such file or directory

When you use vzctl to enter into the VPS from node and get following error than it is due to known problem with udev on OpenVz.

[root@server24 ~]# vzctl enter 220
enter into VE 220 failed
Unable to open pty: No such file or directory

Temporary fix for this problem:

vzctl exec VEID /sbin/MAKEDEV pty
vzctl exec VEID /sbin/MAKEDEV tty
vzctl enter VEID

Permanent fix for this problem:

i) Edit the file /etc/rc.sysinit of the VPS server

ii) Comment the line

iii) Add the following lines after /sbin/start_udev:

/sbin/MAKEDEV tty
/sbin/MAKEDEV pty

iv) Reboot your VPS
vzctl restart VEID

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