Los Angeles: Hypervisor reboot

In order to recover from a bug in Xen, we are rebooting the DC03R02CN01 hypervisor.  Affected VPS instances will automatically be restarted.

The total expected downtime is approximately 5 minutes.

21st Jul 2012
Dallas: Hypervisor reboot

We are conducting emergency maintenance on the DC04R01CN08 hypervisor.  The total amount of expected downtime for VPS on this hypervisor is approximately 5 minutes.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you have any questions, feel free to open a trouble ticket.

21st Jul 2012
Support Desk Maintenance

Dear Customers; We are currently in the progress of migrating from our former ( WHMCS Helpdesk ) to Kayako, as a result you will notice that your ticket history is no longer in your account however upon request we can restore these items manually for you. The upgrade has been completed and you should not notice any changes when using the ... Read More »

21st Jul 2012
DC06R01CN03 (Amsterdam) emergency maintenance

To recover from a bug in Xen, we will need to perform emergency maintenance on the DC06R01CN03 server, to recover from a crashed hypervisor.  Once the maintenance period is completed, we will restart the VPS servers on the machine.  The maintenance is only expected to take a few minutes.

21st Jul 2012

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